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Bayshore Marathon Review

Hello wonderful people! Jumping right in, I ran the Bayshore marathon this past memorial day, and had the best time ever.

Going back 5 or so months, I had the wonderful opportunity to begin a new friendship with one of the kindest, most thoughtful people I have ever met. She inspired me and encouraged me to take the leap and train to run the Bayshore with her. Given that it was both of our first marathons, it was a never ending learning experience. From during the race fueling, all the way to recovery from long runs, tempo runs, and balancing school/work/life in general with marathon training, I was glad to have her by my side. Memorial Day, we both completed the marathon, kicked ass, smiled, and had a blast. The race itself posed some struggles during the middle of it for myself, as I can't speak for her, but ultimately am already ready for my next marathon.

Going a little deeper into it, miles 12-18 were the hardest for me. I struggled with 'during the race fueling' and had to cut back a little bit as my fuel plan wasn't sitting well in my stomach. Once I was able to get those kinks out and get back on track with the classic honeystinger waffles, I was flying. I had a hard time believing that the race could feel so fun and enjoyable mile 18 and beyond.

Reviewing my training plan, I wish that I had truly followed more of the tempo runs rather than deciding to 'make them easy runs' time and time again. I think that as I move forward, the use of tempo/threshold/speed runs will help for those moments in the race when you feel as if you have nothing left to give. On the flip side, my long runs were some of the best things I did during the training. Not only did I enjoy the long hours of constant forward movement (no sarcasm - I did love that), but also just the confidence boost that regularly running for hours will give you. (Plus the fun conversations Vron and I would have).

Now that it's over, I am contemplating on how I can get faster to hit new PR's, since that first race was a PR just for finishing! The speed block that I am currently in has to be more difficult that the long-distance training, since I miss the 22 mile saturday morning runs. Maybe an ultra will be next for me..... who knows.

Best wishes and lots of love,


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