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Welcome to the season of Trial and Error.

As a college student, or a person in general for that matter, 'New Year's Resolutions' flood my social media each and every holiday season, promoting the idea of a "better" version of yourself. It's not uncommon for many (myself included) to experience these 'lifestyle changes' shortly, which seemingly dwindle and die out before January is ever over. Therefore, after these past couple years amidst a pandemic, major life changes, and honestly just some boredom too, I want to take the jump to truly try and learn new skills, and try out some new habits. Hence the reason we are both here! 

My name's Reese, I'm a Junior in college, and I've always been someone who enjoys the creativity behind writing and publishing. Thank you for being here, and most importantly, thank you for helping blogs stay alive... because, as I've been asking myself, do people even blog anymore? 

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