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Adult(ish) : Embracing Connection

Hello to all my loyal fans, I love you. Was thinking this last week as I begin to wrap up my summer internship in Colorado, how adulting is so odd. Growing up, I felt as if the days moved by so slowly, and summer would be a period of fun and laughter. In high school, summer was welcomed as time with friends and family, up north, and maybe working here or there. Now in college, summer is more of a grind than the school year. With the pressure of internships, summer classes, and social responsibilities, I understand why adults are cranky.

I started a new bible study and one of the prayers prompted me to think about what is the most important thing that we should be working to keep constant throughout our lives. While the basics come to mind (health, finances, etc), I underestimated the importance of connection/relationships. This idea of 'the grind' is prevalent in most of the world, and to work all day is praised. Yet somehow we're forgetting the very thing that connects us, each other. I've been paying attention to different behaviors of people (letting the introvert in me thrive while I people-watch 24/7) and I quickly notice how easy it is to forego conversations with people, to avoid eye contact, to forget about the importance of connection. Not only that, but as we begin to get older and move away from our childhood homes, our bubble of comfort shrinks, and many of us are alone in a new place. This loneliness is only amplified by the lack of connection that we see across society.

I often wonder if we would be better off without so much technology, so we would be forced to talk to each other. There are benefits to platforms like Instagram, but is it giving us a false sense of comfort? I think there's something so wholesome about little conversations with strangers, and understanding their background, and who they are. I guess the moral of this is to remind myself and to encourage you to try and foster connections and be more present. There are so many people who are out there who just need someone to talk to them, smile, or compliment them.

Sometimes I feel a little funny when I'm out and end up talking to a stranger, but I always walk away thinking about how cute it was to know that someone else is out there and also existing, and our paths crossed. (Fun fact too, I secured a job by talking to a stranger so it never hurts). So, my logic is that if there are scenarios where I walk away feeling better after reminding myself that I'm human, then hopefully someone else does too.

I love you all, stay awesome. Mwah. Miss U. Peep me and Averi fostering connection in Denver, duh!

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