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Guest Post - Ivey McAleer

I, Reese, have the lovely opportunity to be able to share the writings of a good friend of mine! So please, enjoy, read, and devour the thoughts and words of Ivey McAleer.

I swear that every semester that passes by seems to mentally age me another decade. As college students, every semester we experience an array of laughter, tears, failures, triumphs, and love all within a brief span of 5 months. We're often reminded that this is the time of our lives, a thrilling era filled with youthful experiences that pass as quickly as they come.

This spring, I’ve had the opportunity to blossom fully in these two ways:

  1. Discovering the importance of gratitude. This is going to sound a little quirky, but hear me out anyways. I have a calendar hanging up on my wall in my room where I write one thing I’m grateful for each day. Like I said, quirky. However, sometimes even silly little things can impact the lens you see your life through. It’s easy to worry about if our college experience is fully being lived up to due to social media and societies expectation of what that experience should be. Often then not, I meet more people in college that aren’t living that stereotypical experience than are. But that doesn’t mean our experiences are any less fulfilling. This exercise has helped revive my excitement of things that I take advantage of so easily. My life can be different than that of a typical college experience, but in the same amount that it may differ, it is also added to. 

  2. Recognizing the necessity of a close-knit friend group, a second family, with whom I can cook dinners, work in silence, nap, and share my most unhinged comments. When I came into college, I had many scattered friend groups like class friends, church groups, party friends, but never a family. This semester I finally was able to find a group of friends where I could literally do nothing or everything with. And ever since being in college, that had been foreign to me. I had learned to really draw energy from being with myself for simple every day activities. Much like a blood-related family, you feel a complete belonging inside with people around that get to see you in your rawest form. 

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